Monday, March 21, 2005

Bloody Shame!!!!!

I am absolutely outraged with the acquittal of both the prime accused in the Kanishka bombing case, by a Canadian court. Ripudaman Singh Malik and Ajaib Singh Bagri, the prime accused, although not proven guilty, were the only suspects to be tried as the masterminds behind the bombing that killed over 180 people, mostly Indians.

This brings 2 main questions to my mind:
1. If it weren’t them, then who?? And were they held suspects
with not an iota of truth??
2. Can India ever extradite persons that were instrumental in
causing mass loss of Indian lives or damage to Indian Assets

I feel like a weakling with my nationality, when seated powers in my country turn ignorant to such important matters and indulge in petty politics. I mean, just what the hell are they doing calling themselves the elected majority, when the majority of the elected don’t even know if Kanishka is a plane or a place!! How can I expect my country to force its will on another when we have leaders holding important portfolios with an IQ level similar to that of a cow, elected by an electorate with the same bovine intellect.

Compare this:
On May 11, 1960 at 8:05pm, four Mossad agents abducted German citizen Ricardo Klement from a bus stop in Buenos Aires. He was shoved into a waiting car, his hands and feet tied together, and was blindfolded and gagged. The commandos then warned their captive: "If you don't keep still, you'll be shot." Forty five minutes later, they arrived at the safehouse, where they confirmed his identity with WW-2 records as, “Adolf Eichmann” – the mastermind behind Auschwitz and a senior Gestapo colonel.

You might now wonder how the extradition happened. Well, there was no extradtion. The Mossad drugged him and faked papers making him a crew of the Israeli El-Al airlines, and took him to Tel-Aviv direct, with minimal fanfare. When news of his capture was made public by the Israelis to commence prosecution, Argentina was outraged and ordered immediate repatriation. Israeli’s sent them a pineapple and asked them to fuck with it.

Legal proceedings started the same year as the verdict to hang him to death was given – even a choice was given to him between trial or summary execution!! This was the 1st televised courtroom trial and hence the 1st live reality show.
He was subsequently awarded the capital punishment and his ashes thrown in the Mediterranean sea just outside Israeli territorial waters.

Now that’s what I call balls! Nevermind the fact Eichmann was a war criminal and that he was directly or indirectly responsible for over 4mn Jewish deaths. Nevermind the fact that Israel still is an aggressive nation against its perpetrators, and will go any lengths to do unto others what others do unto them. The star of David still is a formidable enemy to those on its wrong sides, and no matter how questionable their actions are, they stand for their own making their own seem above all else.

I am not saying India be as aggressive as the Israelis., but atleast don’t be a joke when you ask other countries to extradite your criminals to be brought to justice, so that the bereaving family of those victims find some solace and the nation as a whole, feel a sense of pride and dignity instilled in them simply by how the country fared in its judiciary and how the other country conceded to our pressure.

So now what happens to the Kanishka case?? Is it closed for want of suspects, since it is already closed for want of proof to indict the captured suspects? Where are our sleuths and where is the respect for the largest democracy of the world?? And above all, where is the justice to those slain onboard that fateful flight??
Is any lawmaker in this country listening???


Anonymous k said...

i could'nt agree more with you... the injustice the families must feel can't be imagined! though i'm not familiar with mossad operation you've quoted, in terms of quick and decisive dealing of a situation, we could take a page from their book... might help the waning national spirit.

9:41 PM  

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