Tuesday, December 13, 2005

India is ours, says Blahistan!!!

This preposterous article appeared in the pages of PakTribune – a National English Daily of Pakistan by a half-baked journalist called Aftab, who apparently is also a Lawyer in a Pak High Court.

The piece titled, “Islamic Republic of India”, goes on to say that the name “India” rightfully belongs to the Pakistani Muslims and that we Indians, as wily as we are, stole it from them. He goes on with his ludicrous diatribe with fabricated history and a deliberate intent on malice inciting hatred. I must warn you however, that his tirade, which at many points, seem like the work of a trained primate, is winding, chaotic and at best, confusing.

What beats me however is, how a mainstream media entity such as the PakTribune stoop to his level of unworthiness to have this content published.
I usually do not post such write ups in this blogsite, but this begs attention to the fact that Pakistani readership might have degenerated to the point that they lap up any crap written by any dimwit so long as it is India-Bashing. Or was there any standard in the 1st place for degeneration. I hope I haven’t indulged in flattery?

Also the press blokes at PT has refused to publish my response which I quote below:

    1. I am truly amazed at a Pakistani mainstream media allowing a tout-journalist
      like Aftab 'the advocate' rattle off a ludicrous tirade. One can well judge the
      quality of the Pakistani print media and of course their Judiciary with a
      blatant lawyer cum fanatic waving his banter flag.

      I seriously couldn’t help laughing at this mediocrity and couldn’t but thank God more for
      being born as an Indian. On the other hand, it is people like him that give the
      biggest dimwit a source of hope that he has someone way behind his

      If the author wants to change his country's name by borrowing it from us., so be it. A donkey cannot turn into a Stallion by merely changing the name.

      I suggest Aftab visits India sometime to see for himself how our muslim brothers are doing here. I personally have a lot of muslim friends some of whom are doing better than I. I dont know how this might help dispel his doubts about Indian Muslim being persecuted in my country. But honestly, I couldn’t care less.

      Also, Mohd.Kaif, Irfan Pathan, Sania Mirza, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, MF Hussain, are but a very few famous muslim personalities I can point out right away who have excelled in their respective fields of excellence, and if by your account Muslims are not given
      equal opportunities here in my country, I dont see these people achieving such
      dizzy heights of mass adulations and enormous success.
      Talking of mass adulations, our present president, His Excellency Shri APJ Abdul Kalam inspires an entire generation of young and adult minds alike, the world over, sowing the
      seeds of prosperity, tolerance and universal brotherhood. This is the holy war
      you must inculcate in your younger generations and not spread dead bodies of
      potentially creative minds misguided in the name of religious revenge.

      Your vicious vitriol bespeaks your violent moorings and stunted worldview that will dangerously impede development and growth. If PakTribune wishes to be respected, it must refrain from letting space to such demented opinions that stoke the fire of hatred and insecurity.
      Finally, a few statistics that you might want to know before you embark on invading

      1. India has the second largest Military in the world, about 1.6 Million enrolled personnel
      and about half that in reserves.
      2. Our Airforce is the world's 4th best and our Navy the sixth.
      3. We have the only supersonic long range inter ballistic missile (along with Russia) with nuclear warhead capability.
      4. Our space program is the 2nd best in the world and we
      offer launch vehicles and satellites to advanced nations such as Germany,
      Bulgaria, Belgium and a lot more.
      5. Every software sold/used in this planet has had an Indian's contribution at some level at some point.
      6. The second richest community apart from the Jews in America are the Indians and is growing at a pace Pakistan' GDP can probably never catch up with.

      Having said this, I must point out that we Indians have learnt from our past and
      will not indulge in material pleasures like the King Prithviraj Chauhan did.
      This time we, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Budhists, Zoroastrians,
      Jews, Bahais collectively called Indians, will stick together and annihilate
      without leaving a trace of those who have imperial desires. It would bode well
      for your country to foster friendship with us rather than taking up violence. We
      have a lot in common and lot to achieve together. Hatred breeds cultural
      stagnation and will gravely affect a nation's thrust toward progress resulting
      in a whole generation of misled youth that become cannon fodder in the name of
      suicidal terrorism.

      We are not scared of war and will never be, as can be gleaned from history, but have kept aside our arms to embrace human development and quality of life, religion is but an individual choice and we respect each one's faith.
      Gujarat was an aberration, like the riots of Mississippi or much recently, Paris, an mindless inflammation of human rage. It would help if you could stop taking these for examples to hate and start seeing examples of human excellence that pervades this country

      Once again let me re-assure you that when push comes to shove, every Indian will leave his religious identity and wear his patriotic cloak in the name of the motherland to lay his life in pride. I can swear by that.
      To a hand extended in friendship, we will bestow all our good will as Indians and to the hand that bleeds us, we will use our incredible might, size and intelligence to overcome the threat. At the end of it all, it would look like a 100 tonne jack hammer was used to kill a mosquito. Infact, we no longer consider Pakistan a threat cuz we believe adversaries have to match in size, strength and intellect to maintain a level of fairness. We are looking at
      conquering adversaries with the use of prosperous ideas and trade relations and
      will fix the nagging pain nibbling at our feet while, say taking a tea break?


Anonymous k said...

Shocking Paki article but an awesome response frm you! More people should read it.

5:25 PM  
Blogger SK said...

nice post

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Uma Babu said...

That was indeed great! A nice response! The best thing of the whole was the truth which u laid out.... " Infact, we no longer consider Pakistan a threat cuz we believe adversaries have to match in size, strength and intellect to maintain a level of fairness."
Good Luck ! keep Blogging!

1:38 PM  
Blogger Deepu George V said...

Hi Susheel,

I came here via the links in the comment you posted in my blog.

Thanks for visiting and for the comments.

Here I am seeing a lot of very good matters to read in your blog. You kept the word which you mentioned in your profile. - You write a lot.

Congrats to have such a nice blog, Keep writing.

I haven't gone through all the posts, but this one.
Very good article.
I will be coming again and again, to read more from your blog.

Always welcome to Wayanad. Next time when you visit Wayanad, hope we can meet and have a nice Kappa from Jungle View Tea Shop.

Keep blogging.

Deepu George V

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