Monday, September 19, 2005

Walked the Aisle.......

This time I was not abducted by aliens., instead, I got married. I have willfully ditched my single-hood for life-long companionship. Single-hood means, having beer on a whim, now its having beer on the sly.

Since this was the first time I ever got married, I was a petrified bunch of nerves that HAD to keep smiling for 5 hours straight at total strangers who were in a mad rush to shake hands with us cuz the food might get over.
We had an Arya Samaj wedding, which meant, we had to sit in front of the fire until our faces turned black and our own parents couldn’t recognize us. Then the make-up man came running with a fire hose to remove soot from our faces and twice the bride was washed out of the hall before being safely fished out and planted firmly once again in front of the holy inferno. The make up man was given a tranquilizer dart later to prevent further drowning of very old and frail guests sitting in the front row, although some are still missing.

It all went well cuz we heard a chorus of belching while we, the newly weds, were still shaking hands with blokes who shook hands with the only intent of keeping us away from food. It felt like forever before we were led to the dining hall when the photographer jumped in from nowhere to start the foto session. A barrel of water was used to help us regain our consciousness, which went losing from time to time. Then the food was administered intra-venously before the video-shoot commenced. All my relatives who, were shopping for the last 24 years for my wedding, posed contently in their expensive clothing, which their respective husbands bought by robbing banks and selling their neighbor’s kidneys and are now breaking stones in various prisons.

All right, tirade stops here.

I got married on the 7th of September and it was an extremely happy occasion with the union of a large number of close relatives, friends and associates. Although the foto-sessions were a traumatic ordeal, it was worth it for memory in posterity.
We, my wife and I, left 2 days later for our honeymoon to Sikkim for seven days. This is an awesome place to go if you are a nature lover, which we both incidentally are, and will not be fair if I don’t dedicate a separate blog. This will happen shortly.

But for now, am back in the doldrums of drudgery, a cog in the money making wheel, a citizen of machine-ville, diligently ensuring my boss gets richer.


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