Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Happy returns........

It’s the birthday again. As the years pass you by, the candles in the cake staggers up to a point where people eat more melted wax than the cake. Then the excuse for drinking (and getting wasted) unfolds. People gather up with last minute gifts with a determined intent of group drinking, and would expect outrageous quantities of alcohol and fried forms of meat and all that fatty stuff, against the total quantified value of their gifts. Some of the fresh, most active memory cells are burned with this info, and is kept at the most accessible slot in the brain stack, that it flashes from time to time like the Viagra Ads on a theological website. This is how you get what you deserve. This is the cycle of life.

Never mind the tirade above. I don’t belong to the gift mongering claptrap plebeians. Where I belong is, a place in a haze, with lots of like minded patrons of ear-shattering music that becomes inaudible as the contents of the glasses we hold, gets emptied in quick successions whilst indulging in good food and bitching about George Bush. Then we realize the futility talking about the world’s most powerful idiot, and so move on to more productive topics such as, radioactive red raging garden ants with nuclear spittle.

Then we grudgingly pay the cops what his mood demands before getting back home with absolutely no human recollection of driving back. This is the dangerous part, drunken driving can kill, especially when you try to relieve yourself by the strange looking dead tree stump, and 24000 Volts of unbridled raw electricity passes through your most important jewelry, jolting the living daylights of those sleeping brain cells with every atom of your metaphysical state, snuffing up all the power in the neighborhood.
Scary, huh?

Reason why I just stayed home and had an insignificant singular beer fighting infinite urges to grab the car keys and rush out that door of pent up alcoholic emotions.

The storm has passed I have prevailed. Those guys up there in long, flowing white robes, doing mission control on me and you, shot up from their chairs in cheer and gave the ovation.

HAH! What better deserving occasion than this to call for a drink!!!!!!!


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