Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Saudi Slaughterabia

Pakkar Mohd, who runs a small Tea shop in North Kerala, borrowed Rs.30,000 from his friends to send his son – Ittiparambil Shahjahan (married), to Saudi Arabia as a manual laborer for a salary of Rs.12,000 (US$.272 Approx) per month, so that the family of 10, mostly children, could ease from their existing hardship.

Shahjahan, who has never been abroad, bids farewell to his wife and folks with hopes of alleviating the abysmal living conditions his family lived under. He packs off with this little dream and goes to Chennai, to board the flight to Damman.

His agent gives him a pair of trousers and shoes for the flight to freedom. Upon landing at Damman, Saudi Arabia, he is caught by the local police for possession of 550 gms of Brown Sugar concealed in his shoes. Obviously, he had no clue prior to this about the lethal baggage he unwittingly wore. He, in his simple mind, had profusely thanked the agent before leaving India and was truly obliged for the favor his agent rendered.

Meanwhile at home, his family was eager to hear from him, about the flight, about the new place, and of course to be re-assured that all was well.

Shahjahan had no clue what was in store for him. Saudi rules state beheading of those who are involved in Murder, Rape and Drug Trafficking. And without trial.

All attempts to free him by the Indian High Commission in Saudi as well as the Human Rights Commission, failed.

He called his wife for the first and last time, to tells her, “Pray for me, I will be killed in a few hours”
He is executed, beheaded to be precise. Without a free trial or investigation, the primitive shariya law was implemented. An innocent man, brought to an end with the haste of chronic civilizational Deficiency.

If you thought the above was a sordid story I spun, please click on the header to go to the news link.

I am outraged beyond human endurance, and am seething with rage after reading about an innocent man being murdered by a foreign state. What kind of country would award the capital punishment (a very subhuman one at that), without a free trial?? What kind of judiciary do those, inhuman, merciless, savage, radical, rascals follow?

Apparently after the execution, in an intra-govt release, the Saudi authorities agreed that Shahjahan was indeed innocent and was merely a carrier.

What causes a whole nation to malfunction this way?? ..,a whole population to shy away from change and continue to dwell in ancient barbarism??

Saudis have extended their cruelty by not returning the mortal remains of Shahjahan to his badly shaken family in India.


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