Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My Lord and Google.

Its taken me about 25 years and an American web based search engine to figure out the history of the Lord I most devoutly worship.

Being a Hindu with my roots entrenched in North Malabar Kerala, Parassini Kadavu Muthappan has been my savior and guide all along my life. He has heard all my prayers and has been a strong influence in everything I ever did since my first memory.
So far, none in my family and friends back in Kerala could offer a satisfactory explanation of the legend that is Lord Muthappan, until now.

This is not an evangelistic preach but an ode to the advancement in technology and the pleasant strangeness in finding out about a very local tradition steeped in mythology and reverence via a medium called Internet and its most popular search engine called Google.

The experience is overwhelming and is akin to the magic lamp where all one has to do is, type the word of what you are looking for, and lo and behold without the huff and puff of a genie, the algorithms churn out exactly what you are looking for in no time.

I would truly be less than half as knowledgeable as I am now without Google.
I am the new age Alladin and Google is my magic lamp. I have the power, just like the millions I share this lamp with.

Click “here” if you wish to know what I learnt about Lord Muthappan.


Anonymous Divya said...

"Parassini Kadavu Muthappan"

Hey there Sush (can i call you that?)

Thank you so much for that post. At least some usual information about my own heritage penetrated my thick skull from that post of yours. What a shame when i didn't even know who that was (albeit being a Mallu..but pardonable since i'm NRI* saving grace*grin grin*) Like the way you write..With a sprinkle of sarcasm eh...Good one pal (the HR post ;)

3:12 PM  
Blogger Susheel Nair said...

Hi Divya

Glad to know my post was informative. Have you been to Parassini Kadavu? Feels good to know someone frm Kerala, although I myself was born and bred in Chennai. Catch you again some time soon....

5:36 PM  

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