Sunday, May 15, 2005

Its Greener and a lot more Hairier on the other side....

I have a lot of friends in the advertising industry. They are all creative geniuses with such visibly pronounced qualities such as, unkempt hair, unshaven face, remnants of shampoo foam fashionably and creatively sticking out of their nostrils and 23 kilos of ear rings in one ear while the other just got amputated because a family of spotted owls nested in it for over 14 years which made it difficult to legally evict them.

That aside, their work (not the owls) is what makes them such remarkably outstanding creative persons. Being in the glamour industry, they get to write lines and visualize graphic details for big multi-national brands and form clever strategies for positioning them to increase their marketability. Then they sell, in other words, convince their clients who by the way, are a bunch of educated morons in tweed jackets with a lot of money insisting with all their worldly wisdom that, the Ad guys are a bunch of armpit smelling, incompetent nincompoops, who try to rob by giving outrageous advertisement ideas in the name of creativity that, anyone could have thought of by simply sitting in the loo.

I don’t mean to underestimate these people, I have personally seen a few outstanding work that are hallmarks of creativity. I even admit that most of the times their original ideas are tweaked so much by the clients that the ideas get transformed into a different animal altogether simply because, the client had a terrible fight with his wife that morning, as a result of which he has a bump in the head the size of a blue whale. This causes the client to do the whale song while you bring up the Ad budget.

So you might now ask what my point is?? Well, my point is, basically, does life exist on Mars?? If yes, why?
But actually, my point is, inspite of being in the fashion industry where we make Apparels for many big labels worldwide, my job is horribly mundane, cuz I need to comb my hair everyday and cannot sleep at work on the pretext of creative thinking.
Therefore, if I were in advertising, I would go to work straight out of my bath, with my toothbrush still sticking out of my mouth (occasionally spraying out foam on fellow creative geniuses while explaining some serious creative blip) and thus be considered enormously cool and creative. (HI SHHANDY, OOPS SHORRY….WELL, SAME TO YOU…..!!!)
I would start a trend, cuz I already know fashion!!

Also, I would come up with extra-ordinarily talented ideas that clients will find extremely hard to refuse or tweak such as, a double-barreled shotgun.


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