Thursday, July 22, 2004

Blog Bloom blah blah...

I don’t have the Pulitzer in mind. Bear that. What I write may sound extremely tasteless to the snooty civil, but they are not invited to read in the first place. This is for those with their tongues in the wrong places doing the right things. Geddit?

Do I sound seriously twisted in the head? Well, if you got till here, we’re a fraternity already! So Bienvenue!

Why I decided to blog? Mainly to amuse myself and secondly, its none of your business.

What you will find here?? ...excerpts of a life lived askew that will someday embarrass my children. I promise, this will have juice, if not mine, then others’!

I have a lot of friends, some changed nappies with me while some lasted a blink. …friends who stick with me in times of need and flee in times of deed.. but nevertheless, we all have a trait that so binds us together. We’re all animals drinking out of the same water hole....

I have friends of all hues and shapes.., some tall and wanting, some short and wanking, some arseholes and some without, some that drink like fishes while some just search their bushes… all hues and all shapes, trust me! Devils with separate surnames.

So heehaw brothers, this blog will have posts of what we did unto ourselves and unto others. So raise your hand my brother, let’s poke each others eye and howl into a strangers ear!
Watch out for this space, boys and dirty girls, leave your foot outside and crawl in here, cuz’ this place is no place for the ludicrously sane!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

That's me, at the Zara Tapas Bar in Chennai, clicked by a good friend, Eshwar! Posted by Hello

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