Friday, February 25, 2005

The Journey of Taste - Walkman Whiskey (hic)!!!

Kuki, Vjn, Naveen and I were invited to this whiskey tasting event at The Park.
The Brand: Johnnie Walker. The Mood: Hoity Toity. The Event: Not much free booze.

Apparently whiskey connoisseurs are those who have a nose with remarkable sniffing ability. They can sniff any whiskey and say, “Whoa., this is speyside, born out of a sherry cask from Spain, approximately 17-19 years matured in Scotland and is rich fruit flavored with a tinge of….”

“rite Humphrey,” the barman interrupts, “time to go home, pay the bill ye bampot fishmonger!!”

JW-Black label is a blend of 40 malt and grain whiskey brewed from all corners of Scotland, and is a premium whiskey because of the high price. Its so frightfully expensive that you order it only for special occasions, such as your friends birthday and he’s paying the bill. Apparently there are some etiquettes you need to observe while consuming this premium brand, which is the reason for this event.

So here we were sitting by the snooty table, with a bunch of people who, at some point in their life, drank hootch until some of their friends either lost their eyes or started making hootch or are in jail.
And then one of their friends, who moved to bigger things in life, and started drinking McDowell’s, or in times of penury, drank Monitor, got a group invitation to the event.

I don’t mean to undermine those present at the event, but because I got pissed they did not shut the cell phones off. I will take on these social outcasts later, who lack the basic minimum decency to respect silence during presentations. But I am digressing…

Coming to the etiquettes of fine drinking…..
Just wondering how many of us, while at the bar say, “Hmmm, this is bitter-sweet bitter-sweet, taste of apricot and pine with a smokey woody spicy burst at the palate and a smooth tingly trail down the throat…, its gotta be mmm Johnnie Walker black label or perhaps eerrr., Bushmills Irish…???”
Imagine your friends’ reaction, who, ever since you gave up the feeding bottle, drank with you all sorts of putrid intoxicating nash that has made you all collective accomplices of drunken debauchery…,

“(Hic), what was that..?? just 13 shots down and you thi ..hic.. nk you are a conn err coonosir.. hic.??” “…brother dude, can you (hic), stop drinking sauce…..(hic)?!!”

Well whatever. We enjoyed the tuition at The Park, tasted those miserably small teasers of fine Scotch whiskey and took the first step toward alcoholic snobbery.
But when its time to hit the booze button with dudes here., its only open, pour and glug glug glug…..
“escoooz me, some water pleeees, bbuuuurrrrrrp!”

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

after so long.......

after such a long hiatus, I gather myself most forcefully to start writing again. This might sound like the ruminations of an over worked mind..., but why do we have to work for a living?? Who invented the concept of money?? Why do we have to pay in order to get what we want?? Why can't the world be a huge place to party where no one needs to buy anything, just walk in and take it off the shelf?? ....hey wait..., but who will bother to keep a shelf with things stacked in it...., will farmers toil under the sun so it gets on that shelf that no one owns, for us to simply walk over and take without paying...?? Yeah right., the farmer will bend over and show his tanned ass!!!

Oh well! Utopia!

Well if you notice, my previous blog was more of life and action. After that, I landed a Job!

Wake up every morning much against one's will., perform the daily rituals, get in the car and set out to face urban madness. Reach office and there are about every form of villainy lurking around, in the form of mails, meetings, deadlines, and the boss. Fire fight each day's drudgery and drive back once again in the same urban chaos to get back home like a generously mangled matador.
All this for what?? The damn bills, see?

I do love my job immensely (am lying, incase my boss reads this)., but I dont like the routine of it. Its fun at work all right., but its more fun sitting on your couch with the remote. But then you got to become something in life..., achieve something in life., prove in in life, drink and watch TV in life and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

.....but the bills!!!!!!!!!

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