Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Darwin Award's Natural Selection.

Darwin awards are given to those that improve the Human Gene Pool by effectively removing themselves in abundantly stupid ways. Posthumous as it generally is, we are in dire need of similar awards to honor those who do extra-ordinarily stupid things that do not “effectively” remove them from the Human Genome. As a result, we, the ones who work hard not to remain stupid, are in stark danger of being influenced with their acts and repercussions that may well stall the evolution we otherwise deserve.

Like this story of 2 prisoners who, in a bid to escape prison, holed their way out in an ‘almost fool-proof’ plan, until they were abruptly stopped by, no not the police, but the plumbing! Apparently these Einsteins were poor in their Theory of Relativity and hoped they could squeeze themselves out through the potty’s plumb lines!!!
Read the full story here.

In an other unrelated incident, which happened a few years ago, a whole nation along-with its cronies invaded another nation in pursuit of something that never existed because someone elsewhere carried out aerial attacks on it sitting in a nation that never was (atleast never had a chance) with the help of a neighboring nation that now miraculously is the closest ally!!!
Read the Full Story everyday in Newspapers.

Now we are in a real fix as to who the Non-Posthumous Darwin award should go to?
Can you help?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Procrastinator - Part 1

I am giving myself the crown of “The Laziest Bum” that walked on the face of this planet! I don’t see myself posting my honeymoon pics in Sikkim, why, I even haven’t uploaded the pics from my digicam onto my comp to free the space in the chip. Because of this, I missed to shoot a masterpiece that could have won me the Pulitzer for Photographic Journalism. It was a photo (to be) of a rickshaw puller (for those who are not familiar with a Rickshaw, it is a supersonic pulse jet that runs on the ground in some populous East Asian countries with always a man in front on an exer-cycle), who was lying on the road opposite a 5 star super deluxe Hotel that was recently banned from serving liquor, completely smashed out of his brains induced by alcohol with his leg raised from the ground to the rickshaw’s floor-board making his loose lungi (for those who are not familiar with a Lungi, it is a curtain around the male waist and mostly worn without under wears) flail in the air in reckless abandon showing the fauna it is meant to cover.


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